Top 12 Best Sound Effect Apps for Android 2019

best sound effect apps for android

We all love music. few of us will listen to relax and for some people, it is a hobby and for some people it is passion. Listening to music has become a routine for maximum people. Listening to songs with good quality will give more satisfaction for us and our love towards music become more.

Since most of the phones don’t provide good sound quality like bass and surround system. To enhance the quality there are a lot of applications in the Google play store we can easily download them and we can enhance the quality of the phone.

Best Sound Effect Apps for Android

1. Bass Booster & Equalizer

[appbox googleplay audio.sound.effect.bass.virtrualizer.equalizer]

Using the Bass Booster & Equalizer app we can enhance the sound standard of your phone. This app is easy to install and simple to use. It has two major options in it they are “Effect for audio” and “Effect for video”. Its features are bass boost effect, stereo sound effect, some preset equalizations like normal, classic, jazz, pop, rock etc.

Turn on your music app and play the music and then adjust the bass booster and frequency and sound levels. Use the headphones the sound quality will be effective. The same way for the videos too open the videos and then adjust the effects the app will be running in the background.

2. Sound Effects

[appbox googleplay]

This app has a sound effect library in which it has hundreds of noises in it. It offers various sounds with extraordinary quality. We can have a lot of fun using this app.

You can have fun your friends by playing some sounds when you guys hang out and you can also scare your friends with some scary sounds in the night on many occasions. You will be easily addicted to this app if you are creative. Some good features are a large choice of sounds, high quality, the easy interface we can easily use and it has got a pretty design.

3. Sound Effect DJ

[appbox googleplay nu.sound.effect]

The Sound Effect DJ app has got a simple user interface and easy to use. This app offers you approximately 75 sounds of different kinds. As we told before it has got unique sounds like crying, laughing, fart sound, comical sounds, yee haa, crap, scratching, seedy and etc.

Imagine you are organizing an event you can make use of these sounds to taunt your friends when they say anything you can easily play these sounds and tease them and if any person says a joke in the event if it is good you can play laughing sound and you can encourage them if not you can play cry sound. It will make your event more attractive.

4. Halloween Soundboard

[appbox googleplay com.ape.halloween.soundboard&hl=en_US]

This app is a fun free soundboard app which contains full of scary sound effects. It has a large collection of scary sounds with good sound quality and natural. You can make use of this app in any family functions or when you are on trips or in any events you can easily scare your friends and family members easily with the scary sounds available in the app. This app is easy to use and simple to install.

5. Voice changer with effects

[appbox googleplay com.baviux.voicechanger]

This is a voice changer app in this app there are a lot of sounds available. In this app, you must record your voice and save it first and then you can apply the sounds to your voice and change it. This app includes some effects like normal, helium, robot, big robot, cave, deep voice dragon, drunk etc. you can just record change your voice and have a lot of fun and you can share these changed voices in Facebook or WhatsApp.

6. My Talking Tom

[appbox googleplay com.outfit7.mytalkingtomfree]

My talking tom app, who don’t know this app. this is one of the most popular apps in the world. This app is designed to have fun any age people can use this app and have fun and it is mostly used by the children they get easily addicted to it.

A kitten will be there in the app and when the user says something it will repeat the same sentence but it will be in a funny way. Apart from this, there are many features in this app.

7. Tonebridge Guitar Effects

[appbox googleplay com.ultimateguitar.tonebridge&hl=en]

By using this app you can play your favorite songs in their original sound using your phone or tab. A huge collection of songs will be present in the app of different artists. It contains songs of different genres.

It has a feature called intelligent feedback and noise reduction system and it will provide clear sound. You can easily switch between presets. It has a low latency of real-time playing. This app contains 7k demo sets.

8. Sleepo: Relaxing sounds

[appbox googleplay net.relaxio.sleepo]

Sleepo app has a lot of relaxing sounds that will surely help you to relax. It has a great collection of sounds these sounds are carefully selected and divided them into groups accordingly they are Rain sounds, nature sounds, city sounds, meditation sounds.

It works offline so we can use it anywhere and any time once it is installed. A separate genre meditation has some different sounds so that you can perform meditation and you can concentrate more towards the work and be more relaxed

9. Scary Sound Effects

[appbox googleplay com.jrj.scarysoundeffects]

If you are looking for the scary sounds so that you can put those sounds for the notifications or ring tones Scary sound effects app will be a perfect option for all these requirements. This app has a loud and clear scary tone of different types.

You can use these tones to keep alarms as well. It has a simple user interface and simple to use. Each sound will be like a button simply click the button and listen. If you like the tone hold the button you will see the options and keep them as a tone. This application is absolutely free.

10. Cat Sounds

[appbox googleplay cat.ereza.sounds.cats]

Cat lovers will surely love this app because this app contains only the cat sounds. The different sounds of meow are recorded of different emotions of cat like angry, cute, funny sounds are available. You can prank your cats too with these sounds they are realistic and comes with good quality. There are 100’s of sounds are available.

11. Gun Shot – Sounds

[appbox googleplay com.gnawbone.gunshotsounds]

Gun shot app has a collection of different gun sounds and one of the popular android gun sounds app. You will come across a lot of weapons keep on scrolling and select the favorite weapon and click on the weapon it will fire the sound. You can have a lot of fun with this app when you hang out with your friends. You can use these sounds for notification alerts too.

12. 100 Sound Buttons

[appbox googleplay com.zeptars.soundbuttons]

As the name suggests this app has 100 sound buttons of different sounds like animals sounds, emoji, birds, vehicles, and more. Each sound will be like a button just click on the button and listen to the sound. The sounds will be kept on updating for every occasion. The size of the app is small so no need to worry about the space it will consume very less space.

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