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Best Looking Icon Packs for Android Smartphone 2019

Best Icon Pack for Android

Best Icon Pack Apps for Android: If you are searching for some best icon pack apps for your android. Then you landed on the right place in this article I am going to share some of the best icon packs to match your Android theme. Firstly we learn what is icon pack? Icon pack is an android application which replaces the original icons of your Android with other icons. We use icon packs to change the style of icons. So here are some best icon packs.

1. Polycon – Icon Pack

The first app on our list is Polycon icon pack, it provides new material design and unique creative icons to give your android a unique look. Polycon icon pack comes with a set of high-resolution wallpapers, more than 800 vector icons, it supports CMTE, it as custom app drawer icons and more.
Polycon icon pack supports most popular launcher apps like Nova launcher, go launcher, solo, Unicon and more.
Download: Polycon

2. Viral – Free Icon Pack

Viral – Free Icon Pack is one of the best icon pack which provides uniform dark style icons and Ultra sleek icons. This icon pack includes more than hundreds of wallpapers which match your theme and style of your icons, you can download wallpapers made easy, supports dynamic calendar where the icons will be changed each day.
It also provides Android O shortcut styles to make your android look like Android 8, Viral Icon Pack is supported by almost all launcher apps like Apex, Nova, Holo, Smart and more.

3. CandyCons – Icon Pack

CandyCons icon pack is one of the material design color icon pack. CandyCons icon pack includes over thousand icons, provides 20 wallpapers, supports some of the popular launchers such as Action launcher, Atom launcher, Epic launcher, and more, CandyCons icon pack also supports CyanogenMod theme engine, and many other features.

4. Glim – Free Flat Icon Pack

Glim icon pack consist of vibrant colored material palette icons. This icon pack includes many HQ icons, supports dynamic calendar and dock, the search function is provided to select icons, includes high-quality wallpaper cloud.

5. Materis – Icon Pack Free

Materis icon pack is one of the best material design icon pack app. Which provide cool looking icons with shadow and supports more than 920 icons, includes about 70 wallpapers and Muzei supported wallpapers, it supports Dynamic calendars, Materis icon pack supported for most popular launchers like Nova launcher, TSF launcher, Go Launcher, Holo Launcher, Smart Launcher and more.
Thus these are some of the best-looking icon packs for android. I hope it was useful. If have any other icon packs please do share with us.
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