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Top 12 Best Font Style Apps for Android 2019

best font style apps for android

Almost every smartphone comes with default font styles. Do you want to change the default font style and apply some other styles? Then In this post, I have listed some of the best font style apps for android. Using which you can replace the old font style to the new one, increase or decrease the font size, etc.

Whenever you write any message or document the main thing which should be considered is font style. Choosing a better font style will make your work attractive.

Best Font Style Apps for Android 2019

1. iFont

best font style apps for android

The first app in our is iFont. It is one of the best font style apps. In this app, you can find hundreds of fonts and you can download and use the one which you like. The app also allows modifying the font style, easily backup fonts, changing the font size. iFont app also supports custom fonts. To change the color of the font you should have the root access and needs Xposed installed on your android device.


2. Fontster

best font style apps for android

Fontster is a root app to use this app your android smartphone must be rooted. If your android doesn’t have root access then do not install this app. The best feature of this app is it can replace all the system fonts like fonts in widgets, within system apps, etc. There are many font families that you can use to make your android look better.


3. FontFix

best font style apps for android

The next app in our list is FontFix. It consists of thousands of font styles and you can easily search the one you wanted. FontFix runs great with supported devices. In some cases, FontFix requires root access to provide all features. Fonts downloaded from the web can be easily installed and be used to customize your Android device.


4. Fontli

best font style apps for android

Fontli provides different types of beautiful fonts. Using this app you can edit photos by adding amazing text with different font styles. You can also share this edited photos within the Fontli app and your followers can see it. This app consists of a very large number of fonts. Within this app, you can find other users who create images and follow them.


5. FancyKey Keyboard

best font style apps for android

FancyKey Keyboard is basically a keyboard app but which consists of cool font styles. So that you can use this to customize your keyboard and also to make use of these beautiful funky fonts provided by this app. This app contains many features some of them are it as large collections of emojis, advanced auto correct for better typing, more than 50 languages, etc.

DownloadFancyKey Keyboard

6. HiFont

best font style apps for android

HiFont is one of the best font style app for Android. You can use this app to customize your android smartphone for free. In this app, you can get hundreds of good looking font styles. When you find a font style you can preview it before installing the font. It is easy to apply these styles on to your android phone.


7. Cool Fancy Text Generator

best font style apps for android

Cool Fancy Text Generator app is used to generate fancy text with cool symbols and font styles. You can use this app to send fancy text messages to your friends. All you need to do is to type the message or text into this app. It will convert the normal text into stylish text by adding symbols and stylish fonts.

DownloadCool Fancy Text Generator

8. TextSwag

TextSwag is one of the popular font style apps which helps you to convert your normal text or words into amazing text graphic photo. You can use this app to create beautiful images for your social media account. Using TextSwag is very easy and it takes a few minutes to create amazing text design images.


9. Big Font

best font style apps for android

Big Font app is useful when your default android font is too tiny or large. Using this app, it will allow scaling the font size as you require. Another feature of this app is you can turn your Android smartphone into a magnifier by using auto-focus, camera zooming, and flash. It allows previewing the font before you actually apply it. And it is easy to switch to default system font size any time by tapping the notification.

DownloadBig Font

10. Font Changer

best font style apps for android

Font Changer app consists of different awesome font styles using which you can create cool messages. This app also comes with different emojis which you can add to your message. It does not install any fonts on to your device. But you can use this app to generate cool looking messages which you can send to your friends.

DownloadFont Changer

Hence these are some of the best font style apps for Android. I hope this post may help you find an amazing font style app. If you know any apps other than the above apps feel free to share in the comment section below.

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