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5 Best File Manager Apps for Android 2019

best file manager apps for android

Best File Manager Apps for Android: One of the difficult task for every android user is file management. It is difficult to organize the data of Android phone in a systematic manner and to store the data of similar type in dedicated files only. Without a file manager app, Every time finding the data and storing them in their dedicated files is a very time consuming and require a lot of patience. 

If we organize our data in a systematic manner then it will be easy to find the data which we require whenever we want easily but as I told above this task is very difficult. For doing this task there are some android default file manager apps, but they are not effective don’t worry in this article we are going to share some of the top file manager apps.

File Manager is a tool that is used to organize the data in a systematic manner according to the type of files. This tool automatically finds the data and store them in the dedicated files. The use of these tools is we can find the data which we require easily because this tool stores the data in a systematic manner. These apps help to manage files on Android easily.

These apps have a simple user interface and they are very easy to use and everybody can find the required data faster this is the specialty of these tools. 

List of Best File Managers Apps

1. File manager
2. ES File Explorer File Manager
3. APUS File Manager
4. Files Go by Google 
5. File Manager by Xiaomi

Now we will take a look at them and their special features

1. File manager

This file manager tool is a very powerful file explorer for Android devices. It is full-featured, fast and free. It has a simple user interface and it is simple to use. By using this tool you can easily manage your files and folders on your android device.

This file manager supports all the operations like search, navigate, directory, copy, paste, cut, delete, rename, etc. It is one of the best-rated apps by users.

best file manager apps for android 2018, best free file manager apps, top file manager apps for android

Download – Free

Major functions of “FILE EXPLORER”

  1. Main storage: we can manage all files and folders on both external and internal storage.
  2. New files: files and folders are automatically sorted by their characteristics so that you can find easily your data.
  3. Apps: you can manage all the apps that are installed on the android phone.
  4. Storage analysis: it shows how much memory has been occupied in the phone.
  5. Cloud access: you can access the cloud storages also like FTP or NAS server.

2. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is one of the popular file managers in this domain it has a lot of good features in this app. There are a lot of advantages of using this app they are free, safe, efficient and simple. It is all in one app this app will clean junk files. By using this app you can manage both network and local use.

It helps to manage all the files efficiently in your android phone and it effectively shares the files in offline too. And it also has a zip extractor in this so that you can easily extract all the zip files with this app.

best file manager apps for android 2018, best free file manager apps, top file manager apps for android

Download – Free

Highlights of this app:

  1. File manager and Folder manager: Efficiently manages all the files and folders that are created in your android device.
  2. Remote file access: it can get your files from anywhere even from the cloud storages also.
  3. File transfer: the file transfer and searching by this app are very fast and efficient.
  4. It kills the app tasks which are running in the background and free the memory and enhance the performance of the android phone.

This app is also is the most downloaded app across the world. So try this app.

3. APUS File Manager

This app is small in size, simple but very powerful app. This app is one of the best file managers for Android phones with full featured file management and transfer.

best file manager apps for android 2018, best free file manager apps, top file manager apps for android

Download – Free

Key features are:

  1. Full featured file manager: This app provide full featured file management. It includes cut, copy, paste, move, delete, rename, share files, for internal memory, and SD Card.  
  2. Super fast file transfer: This app provide super fast file transfer within and with pc and with other devices also.
  3. Storage analysis & junk file clean: It intelligently check the storage of the phone and displays it to the user and also it detects the junk in the android phone and helps to clean them.
  4. Private and safe: by using this app your files in your android phone are completely safe. 

4. Files Go by Google 

Files go is one of the new storage file managers that helps you to free up space on your phone, you can find files faster and share them easily offline with others.

best file manager apps for android 2018, best free file manager apps, top file manager apps for android

Download – Free

Key features are:

  1. Free up space: By using this app you can free up the phone space easily with just one tap. Deletes the unused apps and duplicate files and photos and it regularly cleans your cache and enhances the performance of the phone.
  2. Check your storage: app checks the occupied space by the files in your android phone and shows the free space available to the user.
  3. Smart recommendations: when you are running out of space this app recommend you to delete the duplicate files and apps in your phone. This is very useful for the users of this app.
  4. Find files faster: it saves the time by finding the files faster. It uses filters rather than the folders so it helps to find faster.
  5. Encrypted file sharing: by using this app file sharing is secured with WPA2 providing more secure file transfer.
  6. Backup files to the cloud: if you want important files to keep forever then select those files and back it up to Google.

5. File Manager by Xiaomi

This app is developed by the Xiaomi. This app is a secure tool that helps you to find the files faster, manage files easily and we can share them offline with others. It has key features like quick search, moving, deleting, opening, and sharing files as well as renaming, unzipping, copy and paste.

best file manager apps for android 2018, best free file manager apps, top file manager apps for android

Download – Free

Highlights of this app are:

  1. Recent: you can view the files you worked with recently and you can use them again without searching.
  2. Categories: the files in our phone will be organized into categories by their formats. 
  3. Storage: it checks the storage statistics and manages them efficiently on the device.
  4. Global search: just enter keywords to find the files.
  5. File compression: by using this app we can compress or decompress zip and RAR archives.

Top 12 Best Sound Effect Apps for Android 2019

best sound effect apps for android

We all love music. few of us will listen to relax and for some people, it is a hobby and for some people it is passion. Listening to music has become a routine for maximum people. Listening to songs with good quality will give more satisfaction for us and our love towards music become more.

Since most of the phones don’t provide good sound quality like bass and surround system. To enhance the quality there are a lot of applications in the Google play store we can easily download them and we can enhance the quality of the phone.

Best Sound Effect Apps for Android

1. Bass Booster & Equalizer

[appbox googleplay audio.sound.effect.bass.virtrualizer.equalizer]

Using the Bass Booster & Equalizer app we can enhance the sound standard of your phone. This app is easy to install and simple to use. It has two major options in it they are “Effect for audio” and “Effect for video”. Its features are bass boost effect, stereo sound effect, some preset equalizations like normal, classic, jazz, pop, rock etc.

Turn on your music app and play the music and then adjust the bass booster and frequency and sound levels. Use the headphones the sound quality will be effective. The same way for the videos too open the videos and then adjust the effects the app will be running in the background.

2. Sound Effects

[appbox googleplay com.boukhatem.app.android.soundeffects]

This app has a sound effect library in which it has hundreds of noises in it. It offers various sounds with extraordinary quality. We can have a lot of fun using this app.

You can have fun your friends by playing some sounds when you guys hang out and you can also scare your friends with some scary sounds in the night on many occasions. You will be easily addicted to this app if you are creative. Some good features are a large choice of sounds, high quality, the easy interface we can easily use and it has got a pretty design.

3. Sound Effect DJ

[appbox googleplay nu.sound.effect]

The Sound Effect DJ app has got a simple user interface and easy to use. This app offers you approximately 75 sounds of different kinds. As we told before it has got unique sounds like crying, laughing, fart sound, comical sounds, yee haa, crap, scratching, seedy and etc.

Imagine you are organizing an event you can make use of these sounds to taunt your friends when they say anything you can easily play these sounds and tease them and if any person says a joke in the event if it is good you can play laughing sound and you can encourage them if not you can play cry sound. It will make your event more attractive.

4. Halloween Soundboard

[appbox googleplay com.ape.halloween.soundboard&hl=en_US]

This app is a fun free soundboard app which contains full of scary sound effects. It has a large collection of scary sounds with good sound quality and natural. You can make use of this app in any family functions or when you are on trips or in any events you can easily scare your friends and family members easily with the scary sounds available in the app. This app is easy to use and simple to install.

5. Voice changer with effects

[appbox googleplay com.baviux.voicechanger]

This is a voice changer app in this app there are a lot of sounds available. In this app, you must record your voice and save it first and then you can apply the sounds to your voice and change it. This app includes some effects like normal, helium, robot, big robot, cave, deep voice dragon, drunk etc. you can just record change your voice and have a lot of fun and you can share these changed voices in Facebook or WhatsApp.

6. My Talking Tom

[appbox googleplay com.outfit7.mytalkingtomfree]

My talking tom app, who don’t know this app. this is one of the most popular apps in the world. This app is designed to have fun any age people can use this app and have fun and it is mostly used by the children they get easily addicted to it.

A kitten will be there in the app and when the user says something it will repeat the same sentence but it will be in a funny way. Apart from this, there are many features in this app.

7. Tonebridge Guitar Effects

[appbox googleplay com.ultimateguitar.tonebridge&hl=en]

By using this app you can play your favorite songs in their original sound using your phone or tab. A huge collection of songs will be present in the app of different artists. It contains songs of different genres.

It has a feature called intelligent feedback and noise reduction system and it will provide clear sound. You can easily switch between presets. It has a low latency of real-time playing. This app contains 7k demo sets.

8. Sleepo: Relaxing sounds

[appbox googleplay net.relaxio.sleepo]

Sleepo app has a lot of relaxing sounds that will surely help you to relax. It has a great collection of sounds these sounds are carefully selected and divided them into groups accordingly they are Rain sounds, nature sounds, city sounds, meditation sounds.

It works offline so we can use it anywhere and any time once it is installed. A separate genre meditation has some different sounds so that you can perform meditation and you can concentrate more towards the work and be more relaxed

9. Scary Sound Effects

[appbox googleplay com.jrj.scarysoundeffects]

If you are looking for the scary sounds so that you can put those sounds for the notifications or ring tones Scary sound effects app will be a perfect option for all these requirements. This app has a loud and clear scary tone of different types.

You can use these tones to keep alarms as well. It has a simple user interface and simple to use. Each sound will be like a button simply click the button and listen. If you like the tone hold the button you will see the options and keep them as a tone. This application is absolutely free.

10. Cat Sounds

[appbox googleplay cat.ereza.sounds.cats]

Cat lovers will surely love this app because this app contains only the cat sounds. The different sounds of meow are recorded of different emotions of cat like angry, cute, funny sounds are available. You can prank your cats too with these sounds they are realistic and comes with good quality. There are 100’s of sounds are available.

11. Gun Shot – Sounds

[appbox googleplay com.gnawbone.gunshotsounds]

Gun shot app has a collection of different gun sounds and one of the popular android gun sounds app. You will come across a lot of weapons keep on scrolling and select the favorite weapon and click on the weapon it will fire the sound. You can have a lot of fun with this app when you hang out with your friends. You can use these sounds for notification alerts too.

12. 100 Sound Buttons

[appbox googleplay com.zeptars.soundbuttons]

As the name suggests this app has 100 sound buttons of different sounds like animals sounds, emoji, birds, vehicles, and more. Each sound will be like a button just click on the button and listen to the sound. The sounds will be kept on updating for every occasion. The size of the app is small so no need to worry about the space it will consume very less space.

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Top 12 Best Font Style Apps for Android 2019

best font style apps for android
best font style apps for android

Almost every smartphone comes with default font styles. Do you want to change the default font style and apply some other styles? Then In this post, I have listed some of the best font style apps for android. Using which you can replace the old font style to the new one, increase or decrease the font size, etc.

Whenever you write any message or document the main thing which should be considered is font style. Choosing a better font style will make your work attractive.

Best Font Style Apps for Android 2019

1. iFont

best font style apps for android

The first app in our is iFont. It is one of the best font style apps. In this app, you can find hundreds of fonts and you can download and use the one which you like. The app also allows modifying the font style, easily backup fonts, changing the font size. iFont app also supports custom fonts. To change the color of the font you should have the root access and needs Xposed installed on your android device.


2. Fontster

best font style apps for android

Fontster is a root app to use this app your android smartphone must be rooted. If your android doesn’t have root access then do not install this app. The best feature of this app is it can replace all the system fonts like fonts in widgets, within system apps, etc. There are many font families that you can use to make your android look better.


3. FontFix

best font style apps for android

The next app in our list is FontFix. It consists of thousands of font styles and you can easily search the one you wanted. FontFix runs great with supported devices. In some cases, FontFix requires root access to provide all features. Fonts downloaded from the web can be easily installed and be used to customize your Android device.


4. Fontli

best font style apps for android

Fontli provides different types of beautiful fonts. Using this app you can edit photos by adding amazing text with different font styles. You can also share this edited photos within the Fontli app and your followers can see it. This app consists of a very large number of fonts. Within this app, you can find other users who create images and follow them.


5. FancyKey Keyboard

best font style apps for android

FancyKey Keyboard is basically a keyboard app but which consists of cool font styles. So that you can use this to customize your keyboard and also to make use of these beautiful funky fonts provided by this app. This app contains many features some of them are it as large collections of emojis, advanced auto correct for better typing, more than 50 languages, etc.

DownloadFancyKey Keyboard

6. HiFont

best font style apps for android

HiFont is one of the best font style app for Android. You can use this app to customize your android smartphone for free. In this app, you can get hundreds of good looking font styles. When you find a font style you can preview it before installing the font. It is easy to apply these styles on to your android phone.


7. Cool Fancy Text Generator

best font style apps for android

Cool Fancy Text Generator app is used to generate fancy text with cool symbols and font styles. You can use this app to send fancy text messages to your friends. All you need to do is to type the message or text into this app. It will convert the normal text into stylish text by adding symbols and stylish fonts.

DownloadCool Fancy Text Generator

8. TextSwag

TextSwag is one of the popular font style apps which helps you to convert your normal text or words into amazing text graphic photo. You can use this app to create beautiful images for your social media account. Using TextSwag is very easy and it takes a few minutes to create amazing text design images.


9. Big Font

best font style apps for android

Big Font app is useful when your default android font is too tiny or large. Using this app, it will allow scaling the font size as you require. Another feature of this app is you can turn your Android smartphone into a magnifier by using auto-focus, camera zooming, and flash. It allows previewing the font before you actually apply it. And it is easy to switch to default system font size any time by tapping the notification.

DownloadBig Font

10. Font Changer

best font style apps for android

Font Changer app consists of different awesome font styles using which you can create cool messages. This app also comes with different emojis which you can add to your message. It does not install any fonts on to your device. But you can use this app to generate cool looking messages which you can send to your friends.

DownloadFont Changer

Hence these are some of the best font style apps for Android. I hope this post may help you find an amazing font style app. If you know any apps other than the above apps feel free to share in the comment section below.

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Best Video Player Apps for Android to Play Videos Offline

Best Offline Video Player Apps for Android

Best Offline Video Player Apps for Android: If you are looking for some video player apps for your android smartphone then you landed in the right place. In this article, I am going to share some of the best video player apps I know with you.

We usually save videos offline on our android memory similar to music or songs. As like music player apps are required to play songs we require some video player app to play your offline video. Now, which is the best video player apps for android? If you have this question then here is the answer, So here are the best video player apps.

Free Offline Video Player Apps for Android

1. MX Player

MX Player is one the best video player app on the Google play store and I personally use MX player to watch my offline videos. It a powerful video player app which supports hardware acceleration which can be applied to videos, supports subtitles, multi-core decoding, you can zoom in and zoom out by just pinching the screen and many more.

2. Video Player All Format

This video player app can play videos of all popular video formats and 4K ultra HD video files. Video Player All Format is one of the best video players for your Android tablet or phone. This video player app will also protect videos been deleted, unfortunately. Video Player all format is available on the Google play store and you can download from there.

3. VLC for Android

VLC video player app can play any format of videos and audio files and it also supports network streaming. The VLC video player is rated with 4.4 ratings and installed by more than 100 million devices. You and install VLC video player from Google play store for free.

4. KMPlayer

KMPlayer is one of the best android video player app. It supports all popular video formats, optimized to control subtitles, video playback speed of the video, it can play HD videos and more.

5. GOM Player

GOM Player video player app will support different types of non-encoded video records, it can also play 360 videos, you can capture a screenshot while the video is playing, GOM Player video player has good looking UI user can interact easily. This video player app is available on play store for free you can install from play store and it is rated 4.1 and more than one million installs.

Hence these are some of the best video player apps for android to play your videos offline. I hope it was useful. If you have any other best video player apps then do share with us.

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Best Looking Icon Packs for Android Smartphone 2019

Best Icon Pack for Android

Best Icon Pack Apps for Android: If you are searching for some best icon pack apps for your android. Then you landed on the right place in this article I am going to share some of the best icon packs to match your Android theme. Firstly we learn what is icon pack? Icon pack is an android application which replaces the original icons of your Android with other icons. We use icon packs to change the style of icons. So here are some best icon packs.

List of Best Looking Icon Pack Apps for Android

1. Polycon – Icon Pack

The first app on our list is Polycon icon pack, it provides new material design and unique creative icons to give your android a unique look. Polycon icon pack comes with a set of high-resolution wallpapers, more than 800 vector icons, it supports CMTE, it as custom app drawer icons and more.
Polycon icon pack supports most popular launcher apps like Nova launcher, go launcher, solo, Unicon and more.
Download: Polycon

2. Viral – Free Icon Pack

Viral – Free Icon Pack is one of the best icon pack which provides uniform dark style icons and Ultra sleek icons. This icon pack includes more than hundreds of wallpapers which match your theme and style of your icons, you can download wallpapers made easy, supports dynamic calendar where the icons will be changed each day.
It also provides Android O shortcut styles to make your android look like Android 8, Viral Icon Pack is supported by almost all launcher apps like Apex, Nova, Holo, Smart and more.

3. CandyCons – Icon Pack

CandyCons icon pack is one of the material design color icon pack. CandyCons icon pack includes over thousand icons, provides 20 wallpapers, supports some of the popular launchers such as Action launcher, Atom launcher, Epic launcher, and more, CandyCons icon pack also supports CyanogenMod theme engine, and many other features.

4. Glim – Free Flat Icon Pack

Glim icon pack consist of vibrant colored material palette icons. This icon pack includes many HQ icons, supports dynamic calendar and dock, the search function is provided to select icons, includes high-quality wallpaper cloud.

5. Materis – Icon Pack Free

Materis icon pack is one of the best material design icon pack app. Which provide cool looking icons with shadow and supports more than 920 icons, includes about 70 wallpapers and Muzei supported wallpapers, it supports Dynamic calendars, Materis icon pack supported for most popular launchers like Nova launcher, TSF launcher, Go Launcher, Holo Launcher, Smart Launcher and more.
Thus these are some of the best-looking icon packs for android. I hope it was useful. If have any other icon packs please do share with us.
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